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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Short term hyperbolic top in silver achieved
On March 2, 2011 I posted on this blog that silver had gone hyperbolic, silver had broken above the $30.00 level and the long term 45 degree angle of ascent. Today, I believe Silver may have hit its objective on the initial surge yesterday when it approached $50.00. This market will become very volatile now as it searches for its new base which could be as low as $35.00 on the correction.

Gold did not follow through but is on the verge of confirming a hyperbolic break out itself. If gold closes above 1485.00 this Friday it will confirm this breakout according to my analysis. If it in fact closes above this level all pull backs should be bought aggressively as gold may surge dramatically, upside target unknown.

James M. Carrillo

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