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Placing yourself or your family on a Gold Standard is easy. If you 
currently have an IRA or old 401k or simply wish to start a
new IRA.

Annual fees are, $60.00 maintenance fee and $100.00 for storage if
under $100,000.00 and .001 if above.These fees canbe paid upfront
or from the transferred funds,which ever you prefer.A transfer of
an existing IRA or old 401K, 403B is very simple,this also is a
non taxable event,you are simply transferring the money from paper
assets into your choices of physical goldand/or silver.
Once you decide to move forward contact us at 877-703-2193 with a
copy of the statement(s)from your current IRA in hand we will ask
you a few questions and generate the paperwork or click the link
Request IRA Documents to the left of the page answer the questions
and we will send the completed documents to you for your review.
Once you receive and review the documents simply sign, date and
send them back in the self addressed pre-paid Federal
express envelope, your account will then be transferred.Once the
new trust company Goldstar Trust receives the funds from your
current IRA custodian we will contact you to discuss your options
of gold and or silver, you simply can pick and choose the ones
that best suit your personal needs. We will assist you with any
and all choices.
The physical gold and/or silver will then be held in your name at
the largest most trusted storage facility in North America,
Delaware Depository From that point you can log in to your account
online with our industry unique account manager after
you set up a user name and password to monitor yourportfolio's
performance at anytime.You will also receive Quarterly statements.
As our valued customer You also will have access to subscriber
only news and events that will effect you and your family over the
yearsto come.
When you decide to buy more, sell some, all, or take personal
physical delivery of your gold and/or silver you simply contact us
and we execute the transaction immediately.Thank you for inquiring,
we look forward to working with you over the years.
James M. Carrillo